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How Being a Mom Changes You (For the Better)

I made a great many resolutions when my children were born. Some were vague, if heartfelt: I'll take good care of you; I will keep you safe. Some were specific: I'll breastfeed you for at least six months; I'll never hit you. It was a momentous turning point, the birth of a child, filled with pain and emotion. It was a date to remember forever. And so, of course, it was a time for resolutions. There seems to be some very basic primal need to mark important dates by making resolutions. I've been greeting the first day of this or the first day of that with a list of ways to better myself for as long as I can remember....

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Collapsible cup not only good for drinks but also storing snacks

When we think of a cup, we think of it as storing liquids but our collapsible cup also works to store snacks on the go! It's so convenient to carry anywhere as it collapses down to less than 1inch. Unlike other cups it can be stored practically anywhere without taking up too much space. Hurry on over to our store and purchase our 2-pack today!

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Who Doesn't Love Cookies & Milk!!

Add a touch of flare to your toddler's cup of milk with the Elephant Straw Holder! I mean how cute is that? It doesn't even need to be for your toddler's cup because we'll tell you a little secret... we actually use it on our cups! It's so adorable not to pass up. Hurry on and grab yourself, your friends, and little ones a pack of 2!    

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